High Quality Packaging Materials and Services

At Tigers Removals & Storage, we ensure that you receive high-quality packing materials at a great price to protect your precious items. Located in Hull, Yorkshire, we never supply cheap and nasty materials, as they do not provide the complete protection that your valuables need when they are being moved from one property to the other. As part of our packing services, our team of professionals sort out all of your possessions to ensure that the whole moving process is stress-free.

Packing everything from cutlery to items with a great deal of value, we organised possessions of all sizes for you during your move. We also provide secure storage facilities when you are not ready to move certain items yet. Mattress and suite covers are available and vary in price as per size, so please contact us to discuss. Our packing materials are as follows:

  • Packing Boxes - Medium

  • Packing Boxes - Large

  • Wardrobe Boxes

  • 100m Bubble Wrap

  • Packaging Paper

  • £2.75 each

  • £3.30 Each

  • £13.75each

  • £19.50 each

  • £11 a Packet

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