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February 13, 2017

A Checklist for House Movers

As those who have moved from one property to the other before will know, there a lot of different things to consider. Tigers Removals in Hull, East Yorkshire, have compiled a set of handy lists to make sure that you don’t forget anything and avoid disastrous situations resulting from your move. Please take a look through our guide, below:

Advise Child Benefit Office
Advise Your Pensions Provider
Advise HMRC regarding Working Tax Credit
Burglar Alarm
Leave Operating Instructions/Code for New Homeowners
Ensure that Current Owners of Your New Home Leave Instructions for You
Advise DVLA
Advise Insurance Company
Advise Motoring Organisation
Inform Bank
Inform Credit Card Company
Inform the Company regarding Store Charge Cards
Inform the Relevant Company regarding Premium Bonds
Forwarding Addresses
Contact Post Office for Redirection
Leave a Forwarding Address at Your Old Home
Ensure the Owners of the Home You Are Entering Have Left a Forwarding Address
Inform Existing Doctor (If Moving to a Different Area Locate a New Doctor)
Inform Existing Dentist (If Moving to a Different Area Locate a New Dentist)
Do Not Pack Important Medications – Carry These with You at All Times
Advise Provider at Your Old Home That You Are Moving and If Possible Transfer Your Number to Your New Home
Inform Existing Schools of Your New Contact Details
Arrange New Schools if Needed
Confirm with the Television Licence Authority that You Are Moving – Take Your Licence with You
Advise Your Cable/Satellite Supplier

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