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Terms and Conditions: Tigers Removals & Storage


This agreement outlines the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties involved. 'You' or 'your' refers to the ‘Customer’ (means the party contracting the ‘Remover’s services), and 'we', 'us', or 'our' refers to the ‘Remover’ (means the party providing the removal services). These terms are subject to modification by prior written agreement between the parties.

1. Our Quotation
1.1. Our quote excludes customs duties, inspections, and government fees or taxes, but includes liability for your goods during the removal process.
1.2. Prices may be increased if:

- The quote isn't accepted in writing within 28 days, or the work isn't completed within three months.
- Changes in costs due to currency, taxation, or freight charges are beyond our control.
- Services that are requested on weekends, public holidays, or outside 08:00-18:00.
- Where collection or delivery is above the first upper floor.
- Goods are collected from our warehouse.
- Additional services are provided.
- Access issues require extra equipment or alterations.
- Parking or other fees are incurred.
- Delays or unforeseen events extend the work time.
- Increased liability limits are agreed upon in writing.

2. Exclusions from Quotation
Unless otherwise agreed, we will not:
2.1. Dismantle or assemble furniture, disconnect appliances, lay floor coverings, or move items from lofts unless safe and accessible.
2.2. Specialist services are recommended for these tasks.

3. Your Responsibility
3.1. You must:

- Declare goods' value in writing.
- Acquire necessary documents for the move.
- Be present or represented at collection and delivery.
- Authorize and confirm collection/delivery documents.
- Ensure accuracy in goods moved or left behind.
- Secure goods in unoccupied locations.
- Prepare and stabilize appliances and electronics.
- Empty and clean refrigerators and freezers.
- Provide a contact address for the duration of transit/storage.

3.2. We are not liable for issues arising from your failure to fulfil these responsibilities, barring our negligence or contractual breach.

4. Our Responsibility
4.1. We are responsible for delivering your goods undamaged, as per their condition at packing or readiness for transit/storage.
4.2. In case of our packing error, the same responsibility applies.
4.3. We are liable for any failure in meeting these responsibilities, except as limited by clauses 9, 11, and 12.
4.4. Liability exclusions apply unless loss/damage is due to our negligence or contract breach.
4.5. Without a declared value or standard liability agreement, our liability is limited.

5. Ownership of Goods
5.1. You confirm that:

- The goods are yours or you have authority to move/store them.
- You will indemnify us against any claims, costs, damages, or losses if this proves not to be true.

6. Payment
6.1. You shall be required to pay a deposit equivalent to one-third (1/3) of the quoted cost of the removal services ("Deposit").
6.2 The Deposit shall be non-refundable after the cooling off period (14 days)
6.3 You shall be responsible for the full amount of the agreed cost of the removal services ("Agreed Cost").
6.4 The Balance due shall be paid in full no later than twenty-four (24) hours before the proposed moving date.
6.5 In the event that the Agreed Cost is not paid by the specified deadline, the Company reserves the right to refuse to carry out the removal services.
6.6 In the event that removal is delayed later than 2:30pm on the day of removal the company reserves the rights to charge £40.00 for every hour delayed after 2:30pm.

7. Determining Liability for Loss or Damage
7.1. Standard Liability:

- If the value of the goods' is declared, liability is as per Clauses 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3, capped at
£25,000, unless a higher amount is agreed.
- Liability is based on repair or replacement cost, considering the goods' age and condition, with the same cap.
- For part of a set, liability is for the individual item, not the set.

7.2. Limited Liability:

- Applies if no value declared or Standard Liability isn't requested of charged.
- Liability based on repair or replacement cost, capped at £40 per item.
- Specific conditions in clause 9.1 apply.

7.3. International Shipments:

- Standard Liability applies with a detailed valuation.
- Exclusions for loss/damage by Customs or in certain countries unless due to our negligence or contract breach.

7.4. Disclaimer of Liability:
7.4.1 The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the items during removal, transit, or delivery, except as expressly provided in this contract or as required by applicable law.
7.4.2 Any payment made by the Company or its insurers for damaged items shall be excluded for items that were already damaged before removal.
7.4.3 Prior to the removal, you shall be required to sign a schedule of condition confirming the pre-existing condition of the items.
7.4.4 After the removal, you shall be required to sign a schedule of condition confirming that no damage has been caused, if applicable.
7.4.5 Definition of an Item:
Contents of a container or any single object handled or stored by us.

8. Damage to Property Other Than Goods
8.1. Liability for property damage is limited to:

- Repairing the damaged area if caused by our negligence or contract breach.
- No liability for damage resulting from your specific instructions that are contrary to our written advice.

9. Exclusions of Liability
9.1. Limited Liability excludes loss/damage from fire/explosion unless due to our negligence or contract breach.
9.2. Standard and Limited Liability exclusions include:

- Certain items like documents, electronic data, mobile phones, perishables, furs, jewelry, money, animals, and flat pack furniture.
- Loss/damage from war, radiation, chemical/biological weapons, wear and tear, infestation, cleaning/repairing errors, atmospheric changes.
- Loss/damage to unpacked items, owner-packed breakables, electrical/mechanical derangement without external damage, pre-existing, or inherent defects.

9.3. No employee liability is beyond this agreement.

10. Time Limit for Claims
10.1. Loss/damage must be reported in writing at the time of delivery.
10.2. For self-collection, report at the time of handover.
10.3. Claims must be made within 7 days of delivery.
10.4. Extension requests for the claim period must be made within 7 days of delivery.

11. Sub-Contracting Work
11.1. We may sub-contract work, but these conditions still apply. In such cases prior notice will be given

12. Your Forwarding Address
12.1. Provide a correspondence address, notify us of changes.
12.2. Failure to respond to correspondence may result in public notices.
12.3. Costs incurred in locating you will be charged.

13. Inventory or Receipt
Acceptance of inventory/receipt accuracy unless notified within 10 days of sending or an agreed period.

14. Storage Charge Revision
Periodic review of storage charges with 1 months’ notice for any increases.

15. Right to Sell or Dispose of Goods
If charges are overdue, we can require removal of goods or sell/dispose of them after three months’ notice, charging you for costs incurred. Surplus proceeds will be paid to you without interest.

16. Termination
Three months' notice required for termination by either party. Storage charges apply up to the effective notice date.


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